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Surgical Dentistry

Dental Implants

Dental implants replace teeth that have been missing since birth or have been lost due to gum disease, infection, trauma, or decay. Because implants are surgically attached to your jawbone, they are a beautiful, permanent solution to replace missing teeth.


When a tooth is damaged beyond repair, our doctor will remove the tooth. Used only as a last resort, extractions range from simple to highly involved and sutures (stitches) may or may not be required. Occasionally, we will refer a patient to an oral surgeon for complex extractions or wisdom teeth.


A “frenum” is a small band of muscle in the mouth. Located underneath the tongue and under the top and bottom lips, they can cause issues in range of motion of the tongue and gaping of the front teeth. A frenectomy is a simple procedure that releases or loosens the bands and takes less than 30 minutes.


A gingivectomy is the removal of gum tissue, often during periodontal or restorative procedures. It can be used to treat gingivitis, or to modify a smile for cosmetic reasons such as a gummy smile or teeth lengthening.


Our dentists inspect all of the soft tissue in a patient’s mouth during each examination. If a suspicious spot is found, a portion of that spot may be removed (biopsy) and sent to a third-party laboratory for further analysis.

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