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Relaxation Dentistry

Oral Sedation

We are one of the few dentists in Southern Indiana are qualified to relax patients through oral conscious sedation. Patients are prescribed a series of medications to take the night prior to and the morning of the appointment. Patients are safe and relaxed throughout the appointment, but conscious enough to participate in treatment. While patients are awake, they often have little-to-no memory of their time in the dental chair. Patients that use OCS cannot drive or operate machinery and must have a responsible driver to ensure they arrive home safely.

Nitrous Oxide

Most commonly known as “laughing gas,” nitrous is a simple option which provides patients with additional relaxation without the commitment of medications. Patients that have used nitrous may safely drive and return to work or school immediately after the appointment and have no lasting effects.

The Wand

The Wand® is a computer-assisted anesthesia system that avoids the use of traditional anesthesia methods. Patients have named this product the “magic wand” as they felt little to no pain, changing their opinion of injections.

The Hartman Dental Experience

Your comfort is our priority! Begin your visit with a cold bottled water, hot coffee, or healthy snack before your appointment. Once seated, patients are offered a music device, warm lavender towel, comfy pillow, warm blanket, or a paraffin wax hand dip! Anything your heart desires, we are happy to provide.

We are more than dentistry. We are excellence.

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