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Despite our constant impact within the Southern Indiana community, we strive to do more. In 2015, Dr. Hartman and his wife, Karen, decided to greaten their impact and create a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit called, Hartman Dental for a Reason. Since its beginning, Hartman Dental for a Reason has held multiple 5K races throughout Southern Indiana. Beneficiaries of the 5K have included, Jan Loi Memorial Endowment Fund, Habitat for Humanity Floyd and Clark Counties, Pat Harrison Resource Center at Norton Hospital, Brandon’s House Counselling Center, and Scarlet Hope Ministries.

New Beginnings

Reflecting on our success with the 5K, we have decided to unfold a new beginning for our nonprofit and embark on a new journey. On January 29, 2020, Hartman Dental for a Reason will host its first annual Taste of Hope Charity Gala at The Grand in Downtown New Albany. Similar to the 5K, the Taste of Hope Gala will continue to host two beneficiaries; however, these beneficiaries will impact our two passions- dentistry and local impact.

The Taste of Hope Gala will provide scholarships to two students pursuing dental careers. Of the two academic beneficiaries, the first scholarship will be presented to a high school senior, attending the dental careers program at Prosser’s Career Education Center; the second scholarship will be presented to a local student pursuing a continuing education degree within the field of dentistry. In addition to the scholarships, Hartman Dental for a Reason will also present a Giving Hope, local impact award to the Jan Loi Memorial Endowment Fund to assist them in funding their annual community projects within the New Albany Deanery.

We are more than dentistry. We are excellence.

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