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Donation and Sponsorship Requests

We love our community and strive to provide opportunities for growth. If you are interested in having Hartman Dental Associates sponsor your event or provide a donation, please review the following material for eligibility and submission requirements.

Sponsorship Guidelines

  • Contributions will only be made to organizations that serve the needs and benefit the people living within Hartman Dental Associates service area (Southern Indiana and Kentucky).
  • All sponsorship and donation requests must be made at least two months before funds or goods are needed.
  • All donation requests must be submitted in writing or via email to the following:

Kristen Mertz-Martin
2536 Charlestown Road
New Albany, Indiana 47150

Generally, organizations and activities meeting the established criteria will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Education and Youth Programs
  • Family and Community Welfare
  • Civic Projects
  • Healthcare and Human Services
  • Performing Arts and Cultural Activities
  • Recreation and Preservation Programs

Limitations and Exclusions
We do not fund organizations of a controversial nature.

  • We will not provide support for a political candidate or organization.
  • Hartman Dental Associates does not make contributions to persons or organizations outside of Kentuckiana.
  • We do not fund general operating expenses.

Please note that, a contribution does not include buying ads in a book or posting a sign at a sports field. These and other like requests are advertising and will be considered under the advertising budget. For advertisement requests, please email

Submission Guidelines:

  • Statement of Purpose as to how the funds or donation will be used
  • Applicable nonprofit status/tax exemption paperwork
  • Any additional supporting information regarding the request

***Please note that incomplete submissions will be denied.


  • Hartman Dental Associates requests that their logo be displayed for sponsor purposes
  • We welcome the requester to include Hartman Dental Associates in the following:
    • Press Releases
    • Photo Opportunities
    • Event Attendance
  • Any publications featuring Hartman Dental Associates (and its affiliates) require a proof of the document/post/communication prior to promotion.
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