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Financing That Fits Your Needs

When insurance and savings can’t cover the entire cost of your dental work, you appreciate financing options.  We offer financing options.  Instead of $5 a day for coffee, you can afford a crown.  For the same amount as a car payment, we can give you a complete smile makeover.  And your teeth won’t need to be traded in after five years!

Selected procedures can be paid, interest free, in multiple payments through our in-house financing program.  If your work is done over a series of two or more appointments, you may usually pay equally at each appointment.  If you require a longer period to pay, it is possible to make payments over as many as 48 months, without a credit check.  To qualify for this in-house financing, you must make a down payment and pay a financing fee.  This program is underwritten by a third-party called ICare Financial.  For more information on this program, you may visit the ICare website.

For credit-worthy patients, it may be possible to finance your dentistry through a company called CareCredit.  CareCredit offers several different financing terms and interest rates, including a 12-month interest free option for those who qualify.  For more information on CareCredit, you may visit their website.

Expert Insurance Information

Our Hartman Dental team members are familiar with the various insurance programs offered by both private employers and the state of Indiana.  We can file any private insurance for you, provided it doesn’t have an exclusive list of doctors from which you must choose.  We are “in network” with several major carriers, including Delta Dental.  Most private dental insurances have a percentage table that dictates what they will pay – for example, 80% for fillings, 50% for crowns, etc.  Most insurance plans also have an annual maximum amount that they will pay, perhaps $1,000, for example.  Some plans have deductibles that you and your family must incur before they will begin to pay.  Your dental insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company, so we encourage you to educate yourself on your benefits.  At the same time, we are glad to provide a complementary insurance analysis for all procedures that we propose.  Be sure to bring your card to your appointment for the most accurate information.

The state of Indiana offers several dental insurance programs, both through the Indiana Medicaid Program and through the marketplace.  Hartman Dental accepts most, but not all, state insurance programs.  Our direct access to the state insurance computer systems will allow us to check your eligibility and benefits instantly, even over the phone; all we need is your full name, birthdate and social security number.

When you choose Hartman Dental Associates, you can rest assured that we will always do what we can to help you submit all insurance forms and help you recover the most from your dental benefits.

Hartman Bucks

The FASTEST way to earn money off your bill is by earning “Hartman Bucks”! Hartman Bucks can be redeemed for any service or item offered by Hartman Dental, including a current balance due.

Hartman Bucks are earned by checking in or reviewing us on social media. The best way to earn and store them is through our app in iTunes or the Google Play Store. The app will allow you to check in to social media, review our office, as well as cash your Hartman Bucks all in one place.

The Hartman Dental Savings Club

For our patients without dental insurance, we offer an alternative.  The Hartman Dental Savings Club is a program through which you pay annual dues and receive club benefits.  Dues can be paid as a one-time fee or in monthly installments.  For as little as $30 per month, you can be assured that all of your periodic and emergency exams will be covered, complete with cleanings, x-rays and fluoride.

The value of the services provided through club membership totals over $400; even if you never require additional dental services, you will save money.  If, however, you need a procedure, you will receive 15% off restorative work, such as fillings, crowns, extractions, implants, veneers, TMJ splints, and even teeth whitening! (Discount cannot be applied to facial aesthetics.)

This program cannot be used in conjunction with any other dental plan, for treatment with a specialist, or treatment with another dental practice.

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