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New Albany Dentist | How to Beat Bad Breath

September 19th 2018

Dentist 47150 Due to the anxiety or embarrassment it can cause, halitosis – or bad breath – can be difficult for many people to face. However, clean-smelling breath may be easier than you think. Try these solutions to overcome halitosis and regain your confidence.    Maintain oral care – Brushing and flossing your teeth is […]

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4 Ways to Achieve Optimal Oral Health

Dentist in New Albany, IN | 4 Ways to Achieve Optimal Oral Health

September 13th 2018

Dentist 47150 Keeping up optimal oral health takes more than brushing and flossing. Maintaining oral hygiene demands a bit of work, but it is worth it in the long run. Here are four ways you can improve your dental health right now.   Replace your toothbrush more often. When was the last time you replaced […]

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New Albany Dentist | Why Do My Gums Bleed?

August 22nd 2018

Dentist Near Me While brushing or flossing your teeth, do you notice blood on your toothbrush or in the sink? Swollen, red, or tender gums can bleed when brushing or flossing, even if you are brushing gently. While it may seem harmless, it is important that you do not ignore these symptoms as they may […]

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Dentist in New Albany | Oral Hygiene at Work

August 15th 2018

Dentist Near Me you can’t protect your teeth at work. Grab a drink of water. When you finish eating, get a drink of water. Swish the water around in your mouth, then spit or swallow it. Water helps to remove small particles of food that can remain on your teeth after your meal or snack. […]

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Dentist 47150 | 3 Ways to Fix a Chipped Tooth

July 12th 2018

Dentist New Albany, IN Chipping a tooth could be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to fix a chipped tooth. We will recommend a solution based on your particular needs. Here are three options we may provide you:      Dental Bonding Bonding is a quick and easy solution for most small, cosmetic […]

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New Albany, IN Dentist | Are Veneers Right for Me?

July 4th 2018

Dentist Near Me We often have visitors to our office ask about solutions for fixing stained teeth or filling in gaps between teeth. We sometimes suggest veneers. Veneers are one cosmetic option available for correcting your smile. Here’s what you should know about veneers, and whether they are right for you and your smile. What […]

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Hartman Dental Associates

Dentist Near Me | Men’s Oral Health

June 14th 2018

Dentist New Albany Men, dental examinations and treatment are important for you, too. Did you know according to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), by age 72 men lose an average of 5 teeth? That number jumps to 12 if you are also a smoker. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your mouth […]

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Dentist in New Albany, IN

Dentist New Albany | Do I Really Need an Exam?

June 7th 2018

Dentist Near Me It’s highly likely that after visiting our practice, you understand the value of a thorough, professional dental cleaning. It’s also likely that you may not fully understand the importance of a complete exam and radiographs. There are many reasons the exam is an important part of your oral health routine. Exams allow […]

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47150 Dentist

Dentist 47150 | An Important Reminder About Your Next Dental Appointment

May 3rd 2018

At times, life can seem to move quickly. Between work, school, sports, and social events, it can seem there is little time left for you and your health. It’s imperative for a healthy mouth and body to always have your next dental appointment scheduled and to prioritize this care. Our team will work with you […]

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