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Dentist in New Albany, IN

"Hartman Dental has the best environment for me to always feel comfortable in any situation. The girls and Dr. Hartman are super fun and caring and help me feel right at home."

Alex C.

Dentist in New Albany, IN

"Fantastic dental care and facial aesthetics!! Caring and professional."

Laura M.

Hartman Dental Associates

"The Hartman team is all about the customer experience.  Every employee seeks to understand the customer need and then goes beyond that need to delight the customer in every possible way"

Victor R.

47150 Dentist

"Very friendly, and they definitely know their stuff. I expected pain and discomfort, but experienced little to none when getting my cavity and front tooth filled. Highly recommend."

Jermaine Y.

Dentist in New Albany, IN

"Great staff, they always make me feel comfortable when I'm there. Always a good experience at this office!"

Natalie K.

Hartman Dental Associates

"The staff at Hartman Dental are very friendly and helpful throughout my entire visit. I was pleased that each person made an effort to personally get to know me. My visit was great and was personalized to my needs!"

Tara J.